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The Best Trip Ever

Thank you to Lavender Fields School for their report on their recent trip. They say:

Recently we took six children to Cheddleton to meet the Beatrice narrowboat. After a slightly hairy journey navigating single track lanes in a minibus we arrived to the welcome sight of the volunteers. The weather was perfect with a blue sky and beautiful sunshine.

The children were excited to see Beatrice as the majority of them had not seen or been on a canal boat before.

Once aboard, they settled quickly and were eager to be up on deck hunting for ducks, fish and indeed anything that moved. Soon after we set off, the first group were able to get out and help the crew to work the locks. The individuals chosen were well looked after and given the opportunity to turn the windlasses to fill and empty the locks as well as opening and closing the lock gates.

From meeting us on the road to their manner with the children the volunteers we worked with were absolutely fantastic. One of our students was a bit apprehensive and those worries were immediately put at ease by the Skipper of the boat. We felt immediately at home and were able to enjoy the experience.

The children all returned to their class teacher full of tales about their day and have spoken of it since. "That was the best trip ever", said one of the students. Many thanks to all involved.


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