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Get Involved

Help in any way you can.   Skipper or Crew, Trustee 

Whatever it is, please get in touch. 

Why Beatrice needs your help

Beatrice primarily exists to support children with additional needs, but it also helps others too, including the elderly and those with disabilities. We need your help to make that possible

Become a Trustee

The Beatrice Charity is overseen and managed by a committee of Trustees. The Trustees have a range of skills beyond boating and we are always looking for enthusiastic people to bring us their experience.

Join the Beatrice crew

Beatrice is operated by two or three volunteers. One is a qualified skipper and at least one of the others will be a fully trained crew member. All our volunteers take a full part in running the boat, under the supervision of the skipper. They take their turn at the helm and at working the locks.

We Need Your Support Today!

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