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Join the Beatrice crew

Beatrice is operated by two or three volunteers. One is a qualified skipper and at least one of the others will be a fully trained crew member. All our volunteers take a full part in running the boat, under the supervision of the skipper. They take their turn at the helm and at working the locks.

Join the Beatrice crew

Our Skipper has the main responsibility for the boat, but crew members help out with all tasks, including steering the boat and working the locks. They must be able to cope and take control if there is an accident or emergency, steering the boat to the canal side and mooring it.  Once safely moored they have to be able to disembark passengers, including those in wheel chairs, call for assistance, and respond to any eventuality. This takes a calm head and some physical strength, but we do give all our volunteers full training.

Crew who wish to do so may go on to train to become qualified as a skipper, at our expense. If you are interested in volunteering, a trial run will be arranged.  You will go out with our Training Skipper, and an experienced crew member to see if you are suited to the role.

Our passengers are encouraged to help with the locks but, with children, a member of school staff must also help. Our crew is responsible for the safe handling of the boat but teachers and carers are responsible for their charges. Because our volunteers are effectively supervised by teachers or carers in interacting with children and vulnerable adults, they do not need to have DBS clearances. 

Although it’s a responsible position, crewing Beatrice is good, healthy fun and working with our passengers is a delight. To find out more about joining our crew click here to contact us

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